Make Training and Education Easier with Sophisticated ELearning Software Development Services

Experience smart application development for education crafted specially for you. CRMs providing utmost transparency with real-time updates of the lessons covered is coupled with other essentials too.

Moreover, relevant suggestions appear before the learners for a wholesome training or knowledge. With our eLearning applications, the diverse features lead your users to document, record and complete lessons with your authorized certifications.

Channel your SME’s guides or classes through our eLearning applications to deploy user satisfaction. Such is the seamlessness we employ with efficiency.

So, have you framed a plan to impart enlightenment? Join hands to build a medium.

The Diverse ELearning Software Development Services that we render

Now, what do we serve with exactly? The services that we offer include various layers suited to serve different companies with their unique requirements. We have listed some of the tasks we work on and are flexible enough to deliver new demands related to eLearning software development. From programming a part of an entire idea to crafting a full-fledged and sophisticated application, we serve you and your app users with ultimate satisfaction.

So, just try us, already!

Instructor LED Training

The ILT bureau that Sirchend possesses performs with a zeal to make the session of institutional training grandiose. The technology-driven, visually appealing interactive sessions open the gates to create crystal clear presentations, User Manuals, Audio, Guides and different multimedia contents. Our eLearning software development services, thus, enable you to structure the trainings into highly effective and wholesome sessions.

Rapid Authoring

Let users transform their study materials into the electronic format. Regardless of its file type, our developers employ premium tools to make the content flexible. Being able to morph the content according to the visitor’s will, represents the versatility you provide your users with. And our development team strives to practice it strictly.

Courses Library

The courses which are ready-made enables you to insert fresh courses into the current offerings of the eLearning software. It is the plan of your SMEs along with the instructional planners keeping the central emphasis on maintaining the effective content aspect intact. With our fertile feature for presenting your Courses Library in the eLearning software, the scope of learning expands even more.

AR/VR Oriented Learning Applications

From educational subjects to training sessions, VR and AR have held the fields tightly providing utmost clarity in teaching. Now, this calls for the applications to be highly prompt and ready for a VR or AR experience. To run a sophisticated AR process, a complete indulgence of standards is necessary. From Geography to Chemistry, our VR supporting applications strive to excel in delivering wholesome information.

AI Oriented Education Applications

Our eLearning software development services ensure convenience in use rendering a personalized feel with the AI-based learning applications. Customized teaching applications, blog apps and other reading apps involve reader interaction.

The Convenient Features that our ELearning Software Development Services offer

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