Who are we?

One-stop-shop — We provide end-to-end AWS services for migration, development, operations, and bigdata. Our mission is to help you identify your complete cloud idea and vision then assist you to achieve it.

Get expected outcomes, faster — We are a team of AWS certified architects with over a decade of industry experience dealing in migrations, operations, development, big data, analytics, DevOps, cloud databases to provide you with the best.

Smart & established AWS Solutions — We build to create value. With our unique AWS solutions, blueprints, processes, and automation you find high value coupled with reduced risks.

Transparent and trust-based client engagement — We will dive deep and bring in more than one solution option. And then we will help you choose the right one for you.

Ease of engagement — We will talk to you in the language you are comfortable with. We mean business and will start with your business problems and needs. And then we will work backwards to solve them using technology.

Why should you choose us for AWS Consultation?

Move to Cloud, Seamlessly

Whether you have already decided to move your stack to the cloud or still considering it. We will answer all your questions and help you move your business to cloud with zero business downtime. We will not just migrate your application but also your DATA to the cloud ensuring your business and your customers find the transition seamless. You will not feel the difference except you will be delighted with hasslefree upgraded performance.

Greenfield Application Development, straight to the cloud

Are you just getting started and you want to build your stack in the cloud. Right decision. We can help you build your entire business application that will run on the cloud. Our certified architects with over a decade of industry experience will design, build and deploy your application with a large number of out of the box features e.g. mobile apps, analytics, metrics, monitoring, support tools, ready for WW scale, multilingual support, etc.

Adaptive Multi-technology approach, precisely for your needs

We choose or build hybrid technology solutions to precisely fit into your business’ current and future needs. We dive deep in your on-premise tech stack and build AWS based stack grounds up. Our certified solution architects will choose the right AWS products for each layer of the tech stack ensuring they fulfil technical requirements. We will present options transparently to you with in-depth cost vs benefit analysis. We will help you stay ahead and look beyond the corners so that your bold business ideas are not slowed down because of your current technology solutions.

Big Data, we will make it work for you

In this era when Data is the king, a business needs to make their data work for them. Without analytical insights into your business DATA, it’s like you are flying blind. Our solution design will have a standard set of business data sets supported by a performant, elastically scalable and secure data pipeline. Should you need more, it will be a piece of cake to add more metrics and then it will open up an entirely new set of analytical possibilities e.g. automated flash business reports, business trend monitoring & alarms, integration with popular visualization tools like Tableau & AWS Quicksight. Now you will never have any questions about your business trends unanswered.

Move to highly available and low TCO (Total Cost of Operation) infrastructure, in the cloud

When and how often you fall into a priority ONE incident where Enterprise starts losing business every second when your frontend servers become overwhelmed when your database servers get unresponsive. We provide fault-tolerant, resilient and self-healing solutions on AWS to stop recurrence of such problems. We can help you build serverless Architecture which keeps you away from operational costs such as infrastructure management, capacity provisioning and has built-in high availability and fault tolerance.

Do less manual work with Automation and Drive Cost Optimization

No one wants a dedicated operations team in today’s IT-enabled Enterprise to do manual provisioning and managing of infrastructure, code build, testing, and deploying application code. We automate all such pieces using AWS DevOps continuous integration and continuous delivery practice helping customers to deliver infrastructure/applications rapidly and reliably with the least manual intervention incurring a reduced cost. AWS solutions help us automate your cloud operations and speed up tech adoption. Plus, a cost optimization audit would help you save approx. 30-40% each year.

Fail-safe security, By Design

Security is a buzzword nowadays when most of the customers want their data centres to be either fully or partially migrated on potential cloud service provider platforms. Security in the cloud becomes a shared responsibility between customers and the cloud service provider. AWS is responsible for securing underlying infrastructure and customers are responsible for securing anything they put on the cloud or connect to the cloud. We help our customers ensure their environment complies with permissions, logging, trust relationships, encryption enforcement, mandating approved machine images, and more. Eventually resulting in an automated environment enabling the customer’s security assurance, governance, security, and compliance capabilities.

Scale your business, Worldwide with horizontal scaling

Amazon Web Services lets you scale globally that too on-demand and pay as much as you use. We build fault-tolerant and resilient infrastructure offering intrinsic flexibility across any enterprise ecosystem.

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