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The avant-garde technologies like IoT aim to paint a better and positive picture for the adopters and the future. The IoT trends in 2020 are revolutionizing “smart”-ness to an entirely advanced degree.

Cities are yet to turn smarter and become a mundane feature. A rise in the legal concerns and documentation is yet to happen. Also, blockchain will integrate with IoT for further advancements. Better yet, services are yet to turn personalized.

Moreover, the next question that arises in the readers’ minds is ‘how’? And the principal concern of the blog is to discuss these in-depth.

5 IoT trends in 2020 that will curb the future

The IoT market dimension is increasing and spreading like a forest fire. Also, this technological epidemic development is so intense, that it is part of everyday life now. As studies show, the market picture in 2019 was $212 billion. The anticipation in 2020 goes that in 2020 it will rise up to $248 billion. The 2025 scenario is sure to witness a trillion hit.

However, the IoT trends in 2020 will include other new and advanced technical uprisings.

  1. Smart cities yet to turn mundane

Of course, cities are turning into smart ones. But, the already-smartened cities will undergo further advancements to smarten up even better. We have witnessed organizations and governments implement ample IoT devices for accumulating data and assessing it for diverse adjectives has successfully shown impeccable benefits.

Moreover, IoT is the principal reason for smart cities to be interconnected. The structure of the city components like smart buildings and parking lots makes those sustainable and resilient.

In addition, a survey states smart buildings technology can potentially reap utility savings of 8% to 18% in commercial buildings. And smart parking can assist in sizing traffic congestion present on the roads. IoT accumulated data will assist in automating activities like switching street lights off and on, real-time analysis and enabling sustainable energy consumption.

This is one of the important IoT trends in 2020 that will develop cities until they are not surprising anymore.

  1. Legal and ethical affairs are to increase

First of all, the primary nature of IoT is administration. Collecting data, monitoring operations and people, delivering it for assessment involving third-party agencies, etc. But, this also happens to be an explosive issue for people who want their data to be secure and private. This is how IoT trends in 2020 are shaping. Data monitoring and assessment are more efficient as well as potent.

Moreover, this helps to detect cybercrimes and online infringements that are increasing at a rapid pace. Cybercriminals are updated with their ever-changing skills and the surrounding technological advancements. So, new ways to breach security are always on-the-go. Therefore, consumer privacy will occupy the center stage.

Also, IoT raises certain legal matters. This includes, whether or not consumers will have the power to sue companies over the situation of their personal data. Now, many nations have taken serious steps to protect consumer data. The GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation trigger laws to vault consumer data within the European countries.

  1. Edge computing to take the wheel

Edge computing happens to be a technology that diffuses the pressure of data processing over devices. Usually, it outperforms cloud computing when it comes to processing speed and expense. IoT devices gauge out a tremendous amount of data. And transferring data to the clouds demands large bandwidth and this incurs huge costs.

Now, as these devices continue to collect more and more data, the shift towards processing data at edge devices will intensify. This way, IoT trends in 2020 is making gradual changes that stand supreme.

  1. IoT integration with Blockchain

The IoT leveraged devices are interconnected. So, hacking a particular device can allow access to all the connected devices. Moreover, for this technology, the major concern that stands still is regarding security.

Now, as the security potential of blockchain goes, IoT seems to be a strong fit. And this ensures stronger transactional security. With topmost efficiency and productivity, the blockchain systems remain unparalleled.

  1. Personalized aids will progress: IoT trends in 2020

With IoT’s features and integration, the services of any kind will change. Only those services that choose to incorporate the IoT functionality. Moreover, IoT aids will help services become more personalized.


In this way, the IoT trends in 2020 are shaping to make a smart future smartly.

Caroline Ross March 19, 2020

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