The Power of Augmented Reality for Business

Taking a tour at the shopping mall to buy a pair of new jeans, you’d want to try out a couple and pick the one that fits and suits you. Or, time to replace the old media table and check how it complements the ambiance of the interior. Physically, of course, that’s what is common but tiresome. Imagine such scenarios being accomplished at the comfort zone of your couch. The power of augmented reality for business allows you even more!

Furthermore, Augmented Reality applications along with Virtual Reality applications are groundbreaking discoveries in the science and technology world. Tech giants around the world bring about new updates every moment regarding AR and VR products. Thereby, they are inviting vehement transformation in a snap.

Benefits of Augmented Reality for Business

The demarcation between the physical and the digital realm blurs out thanks to the contribution of AR and VR. Interaction between colleagues, customers and the individuals have smoothened up with this whole new techy introduction.

Moreover, as per the recent and fresh report of Digi-Capital, the AR applications have the potential to reach 3.5 billion installed foundations and up to $85-90 billion within 5 years. While the stats of the VR base is relatively weaker when compared to the versatile and feature-pregnant AR.

When compared to the VR, the AR tends to be more diverse and ubiquitous. While VR generally is concentrated only on the idea of immersing the user into a virtual world: great for gaming and 3D movies. Therefore, contributing to the popularity of the versatile counterpart more.

Augmented Reality Uses in Business Industries

We are the witnesses of a whirlwind of a commercial shift in the contemporary business realm. Tractica’s anticipation says that the installed base will expand more than 2.2 billion applications.

Now, some light on the uses of Augmented Reality in different business industries.


Virtual fitting rooms. There you have it. It lets the buyers decide upon the size, design, fabric, etc. This is the instance of an in-store experience. However, the out-of-store AR experience lets the customers see if it fits and suits them from their house itself.

In addition, through this, Augmented Reality for business also smoothens customer experience thereby keeping up with the ever-changing user demands.

Real Estate

The quest for dream homes come to an end thanks to the contributions of Augmented Reality applications in the Real Estate domain. Customers can visit ample plots and spaces filtering out the aspects they don’t need thereby narrowing down to meet their exact demands. Also, this saves time for both parties bringing efficiency on the table.

Moreover, the AR apps for Real Estate are amazing tools for construction site workers as well. They give blueprints and other related images a 3D definition which lends a clear view of how the complete must look like. Now, this serves both the interests of the realtor as well as the home seeker.

Design and Creative

Augmented Reality uses are manifold. They serve the design and creative field in a full-fledged manner. Apps enable businesses to superimpose 3D designs into physical areas. And this, in turn, opens the gates for delivering powerful sales as well as marketing material.

Furthermore, CAD modelers benefit enormously from what AR has to shower for easier workflow as well as presentation.

Interior designing ideas get refined with the AR empowered applications. With them, you can see how well a piece of furniture fits your interior. Simply place the camera at the space intended to fill with the item and see if it impresses you. Thereby, making purchase decisions clearer, quicker and easier.

Tourism and Maps

Street view? That is most of you thought. Not just that, the sky is the limit with Augmented Reality apps. Street signs and road maps assist the users to navigate as well as explore the city.

What’s more? You can even view and give a little tour of the hotel you decide to check-in for the days. Intend to stop by a museum? Place your phone’s camera on a skeleton and the app will show you how the animal looked with flesh and skin. So, that’s Augmented reality for business.


AR apps have helped the healthcare industry grow strongly. Certain apps can determine the symptoms of patients presenting them with detailed impacts of the problems. Thereby, they tend to enable the patients to better perceive the symptoms.

Besides, Augmented Reality for business in the healthcare industry, helps nurses find veins quickly and accurately. There’s so much more the healthcare domain serves!

Training and Education

Similar to smart classes that involve a projector to visually present objects and labelings, AR technology is steps ahead.

Augmented Reality technology strives to make education more engaging and less boring. With the effective visuals, it is proven that the important points retain in the minds of the youth for long.

Moreover, they tend to deploy detailed and thorough instructions maintaining each step with visual representation in detail. Also, this contributes to a better perception of the subject.

In addition, with AR apps, on-the-job training has become more effective and prompt bearing results that make a difference.


Augmented Reality solutions are, in fact, a common technology that businesses turn to for the betterment of their operations. Regardless of the domain, it is important to every industry in ample ways. This is how valuable, now, Augmented Reality for business is.


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