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Covid-19 Pandemic has made us realize that whatever calamity arrives, the Online Marketplace Platform shall quiver on the bumpy crisis-waves but carry on flowing. According to a recent analysis, we can see a shift of approximately 35.5% of sales from offline stores to online business platforms. This is the right time to migrate from the bothering offline routines of sanitization, security, come-what-may compromised sales, and survival to a hassle-free online marketplace platform where these needless Covid-19 security-schedules can rather be consequential strategies and planning for sale growth in a much unproblematic way.

1. The COVID Issue

Recently the situation of ‘touch-me-not’ is trending and people are opting for products and services maintaining a standard distance. People during this phase of the pandemic have severely become conscious about the importance of online shopping and therefore giving an effort to promote the online platform in an entirely new way is not going to be enormously difficult anymore. People are ready to welcome the online facility if the right services and products are delivered to them. 

2. The Business Spread

In provisos of offline business mode, you can cover up a certain perimeter framed inside certain limitations. You just cannot go beyond that border due to distance, time, and transport. When you migrate from offline to an online marketplace platform, you no more have a boundary. The door to the vast world of consumers is available to receive your product and services. Also, there will be no limitation of time. When you are online-ready to publish your products and services, it shall unlock for the consumer to access 24/7. The right of entry to the online business website for the products and services for 24 hours a day is a great step to increase the sale revenue.

3. The Offline Promotion

The online platform never shuts the existing offline shop or business platform rather promotes it to a massive level. The greater reach due to the wide-open online space is a blessing in disguise for an offline store. 

4. The Financial Factor

An online marketplace platform or business website costs much less than an offline investment. There is no requirement of a warehouse, interior, furniture, huge work-force, etcetera for an online business option. Other than setting awareness on online scams, there are far fewer complexities of documentation, storage, and delivery if opt for an online marketplace platform. 

5. The Flexible Workplace

If you need to stay away from the everyday disturbance of location, weather, the time factor, transportation, etcetera, here is the key solution for all of these. You can operate an online business platform, from anywhere in the world, with an option for a flexible workplace. A good internet facility and proper business interaction and collaboration with the team is what is only required.

6. Customer Support

Through the online marketplace platform, consumers can get their answers immediately and without waiting. The direct seller-consumer interactions can happen through a video, product spec sheet, or a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections. Be it the consumer’s buying decisions, solving a problem for existing purchase, or researching alternatives before buying a product, the customer no more has to travel to the shop or wait for getting connected to the call with the seller. 

7. The One-Click Trick

In this jet era, waiting is harassment for the busy mass, and here comes the online marketplace platform like a pro with the strategy of ‘just-one-click-away’. The online platform showcases the product and services in the most glamorous ways and it attracts the consumers. The consumers can be, moreover, educated, instructed, and helped in problem-solving through the internet. In earlier days, processing an order and delivering it took so many days and today due to the accessibility of the internet, we can track inventory, sales numbers, outstanding orders, and everything faster with fewer workforces. 

Whenever you drift from offline to the online platform, keeping in mind the quality of the website along with proper use of security hosted tools, marketplace administration measures, SEO ready elements for the portal, proper guarantee of technical and IT support, extraction of insights via smart analytics tools and proper payment gateways are to be kept in concern. To shift from a traditional selling unit to an online marketplace platform, you require an appropriate and professional online marketplace platform providerSirchend Softwares, can satisfy any customer requirement to satisfy them with services like finding the marketplace for selling the product, making business strategies and market sizing, enhancing customer experience, and generating advanced e-commerce options.

Caroline Ross September 23, 2020

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