Smarten Up the Bots with Professional Machine Learning Services

Educate the machines and refine AI even more! Do it to suit your business operational demands with precision. Moreover, you can market faster and enhance productivity in a personalized manner with a competent automated ML assistance. So, let us welcome Machine Learning services to work tomorrow better.

The Comfort of Sirchend’s Machine Learning Services

The signature aspects which isolate us from the basic crowd is our mature management and task approach. That’s why we welcome diverse challenges irrespective of its degree of complexity. In addition, for a better understanding, run your eyes through the clear demarcations.

ML Potential from Edge to Cloud

Our aid renders Machine Learning services ranging right from Edge to Cloud.

Proficiency in Relevant Frameworks

The forces we hold are skilled in operating advanced frameworks relevant to the task assigned. Thereby, we maintain the essential factors used in the operation intact. The frameworks like the following assist us comprehensively.

  • Caffe
  • TensorFlow
  • Theano
  • Keras

Competence in Hardware Platforms

We take pride in nourishing our forces’ skills in hardware platforms with every new challenge. Thereby, it preserves our competent identity in tackling hardware catering to all the desired parameters.

Experienced & Dedicated Engineers

Sirchend possesses a certified & productive team, the members of which individually invite difficulties. This ensures to sharpen their skills further, learn better and keep growing. Besides, their dedication allows them to grasp situations promptly and deliver Machine Learning services with utmost sincerity.

Alliance with Cloud Platforms

  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Watson
  • Azure

are our go-to. Our strong and transparent alliance with cloud platforms enable seamless sharing and transfer of data thereby redefining efficiency.

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