Blockchain-based event management systems simplify the tasks of event organizations.

Also, they help craft better and smarter experiences for the attendees.

Events are happening worldwide whether in smaller or larger circles. Concerts, trade shows, sporting events, seminars, etc involve smart event management to make interaction and the purpose of the event a success.

In addition, to some companies, Live events hold immense significance in their growth. A survey says that around 80% of marketers reported that such interactive events are critical to their company’s growth.

Moreover, businesses welcome expansion with such active engagements.

They believe, the larger the event, higher is the marketing opportunity it offers. And this is because of the high volume of attendees.

Also, the Live event and its physical delivery makes a prominent impact on the attendees. And this contributes towards a staunch marketing. As opposed to digital marketing, event management lends a wholesome engagement physically.

We can say, the power of traditional marketing is still alive and is thriving strong. In fact, to refine them even more, the avant-garde technologies are being integrated.

Blockchain technology happens to be one of them in revamping the event management domain.


Importance of Blockchain-based Event Management systems


Event organizers find it difficult to manage the abundance of attendees. But, of course, they find out their way with it. However, the modern time and smart businesses opt for those that work with some kind of automation.

Why is that?

This happens only because of efficiency and well-reasoned management that today’s new technologies ensure.

Therefore, in order to overcome such challenges to maintain and engage, event organizers employ Blockchain-based event management systems.

However, the potential of the Blockchain technology in the event industry remains largely unexplored. The related functions most businesses incorporate and practice are just the tip of the iceberg.

But, there are certain convincing applications of Blockchain in industries that are related to the event management sector. And these have enabled activities like the following.

1. Prevent ticket fraud

A serious concern for the event organizers is the potential fraud behind selling tickets.

Now, the tickets of popular matches like soccer sell out in no-time. And there are fans who fail to get one. So, they become desperate to try any alternative source to get a chance to look at their idols play.

This is when the ticket scalpers buy tickets beforehand and after that sell them. They sell them at exorbitant high prices to the helpless fans who couldn’t buy. And this happens to be a regular scenario with such events.

But, with Blockchain-based event management system, those in-charge can tokenize tickets and sell them on exclusive Blockchain platforms. With this, they always know and can manage the ones who can buy tickets from them.

Also, they can even allow second-hand ticket sales at their original prices. This way, they tend to eliminate the chances of predatory ticket scalping.

2. Validating visitor identities

If an event is about to hold an enormous number of attendees, it becomes problematic for the event organizer to tackle and control such a large crowd and to fill their demands.

Now, there is another thing that can happen. More than the ones invited can appear and add up to the commotion. For this, the visitor management department contributes in keeping track of the number of attendees and allowing entry to the ones who are authorized only.

The idea is to offer a hassle-free and convenient event experience. Or else, too many outside interventions disrupt the expected management and hampers the entire experience too.

Through Blockchain-based event management system tools, one can enable prompt attendee verification at events using virtual identity cards.

Now, these cards can be employed in conjunctions with event passes in order to authenticate their credentials as well as their eligibility to participate in the particular event.

3. Enhancing audience engagement

A great marketing platform, events can leave a lasting impression. They also ensure a high audience engagement level based on memorabilia.

For instance, leading sports teams like Juventus and Real Madrid connect with their fans and followers in order to keep them engaged.


This way, Blockchain-based event management systems are being increasingly popular. With a boost in their adoption, more and more companies are solving their problems.

However, the key to implement the Blockchain technology is to start small, clearly defining the issues being solved.

Caroline Ross April 18, 2020

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