How AngularJS is the Best Option for Developing Single-Page Applications?

Single page applications function in those web browsers that need no extra time for loading an absolutely no reloads. Because content, there, is downloadable automatically, the page doesn’t require an update.

Trello, Facebook, Twitter are examples of SPAs. Now, in order to develop them, turning to the offerings of the AngularJS is by far the wisest choice.

SPAs employ HTML5 as well as AJAX to craft responsive applications. Therefore, to manage heavy lifting for a single page app, the JavaScript frameworks as Angular becomes inevitable. Also, most clients prefer this framework when they outsource website design tasks.

However, prior to discussing the reasons for Angular’s celebrated demand, let us throw light on how SPAs are convenient.

The Comfort of using Single-Page Applications

With SPAs, the application deployment becomes easier in production. Also, you can split the bundles with code splitting into several parts. Most clients seeking to outsource website design and development projects incline on AngularJS for crafting perfect SPAs.

However, the convenience of such applications ensure efficiency. Just glance at some more benefits!

Prompt & Responsive

Only the content within the page is subject to change and updates. Thereby, this augments the website’s speed. However, most resources HTML, Scripts and CSS scripts are loaded only once in the entire lifespan of a program. Transmission of data is the only activity that happens back and forth.

Every intricacy matters. Furthermore, as if a website takes 200 milliseconds or more, the sales nature of the business is subject to shift.

Linear User Experience

Simple and minimal is the new vibe of our time. Visitors prefer to get everything ready and clear at hand. Now, this necessitates the linear design of a page. SPAs present with unique transitions, engaging and interactive experience and smart effects to make the customer’s journey pleasant.

Cache Potentials

An SPA can cache any local data in an effective way. A single request to the server makes the SPA stash all the resources that it gets. After that, it can employ this data and functions offline too.

Now, in case a user has a poor network, the local data synchronizes with the server as allowed by the connection.

For this to happen, the functionalities of AngularJS comes extremely handy therefore claiming its versatility. Let us proceed to explore the capabilities of this JavaScript framework.

The Benefits of AngularJS for building Single Page Applications

Take a glimpse at the underlying benefits of AngularJS in creating SPAs.

No Dependencies

AngularJS has no dependencies as does EmberJS and BackboneJS. They have dependencies on JQuery and UnderscoreJS respectively.


Angular’s contributions make the navigation within pages simple. The performance metrics of Angular is really commendable since the directives are extremely lightweight.


Automated testing takes place, once the program is built, for quality assurance with the help of selenium.

Data Binding

A two-way binding takes place, that is, the view gets updated with the model since Angular obeys the MVC architecture. For developing smart Single-Page Applications, most companies seek the aid of AngularJS while outsourcing website design and development projects.

Browser Support

The browsers are prompt in adapting to function efficiently on tablets, mobile phones or laptops.


It serves fresh requests from companies as they arise in competitive work surroundings. AngularJS holds around 30000 modules which are open for rapid software development. Now, in case a developer desires to smartly customize a current program, he can employ those modules and proceed to tweak the code in place of building the entire application right from scratch.

So, employ complete convenience with the fertile functionalities of AngularJS in developing Single-Page Applications.

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